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July 2018 | WHAT'S NEW?



*If you are not on the Essential Rewards program yet, make sure you join and order your products through this program. You get points back, free gifts at months 3, 6, 9, & 12, and a free oil when you order 100 PV (see below in promos). You can cancel at any time.  You must place a 50 PV minimum order monthly. 

300 PV - $207.23 retail value

• 15-ml Aroma LifeTM: Apply Aroma Life to your wrists and
over your heart to bring an empowered feeling to your
day and help you push through the barriers that are holding you

• 15-ml Geranium: Diffuse Geranium for an uplifting and relaxing aroma. 

Geranium is also refreshing for your skin. Use this Facial Toner Recipe after your cleansing regimen with the new reformulated Orange blossom facial wash.



• 5-ml Valor®: Valor is your best friend when you want to try something new this summer! Apply one drop to your wrists,  inhale, and conquer your fears. The NEW #LiquidCourage, great before social gatherings. 

• Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:LavaDermTM Cooling
Mist: Head outside and let the great outdoors inspire you
while you reconnect with nature. Wherever you wander,
stay cool with LavaDerm Cooling Mist.

• Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:5-ml Lavender
VitalityTM: After a day of tackling obstacles, add two drops
to a capsule before bed to support general wellness and
promote a restful night’s sleep.* 

250 PV $142.43

• 15-ml Geranium
• 5-ml Valor
• Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives:LavaDerm Cooling
Mist and 5-ml Lavender Vitality 

190 PV $86.51 

• 5-ml Valor
• Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives:LavaDerm Cooling
Mist and 5-ml Lavender Vitality

100 PV $15.79

  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives:5-ml Lavender Vitality




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