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I am so excited about the new single serve Alkalime packets!



Research the benefits of balanced pH! The first line of defense against disease is a proper pH balance. Disease can only grow in an acidic body, which makes a condition favorable for the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold, viruses, and any other unwanted organisms.

AlkaLime™ now comes in convenient single-serve stick packs, so you can enjoy this mild, alkalinizing drink on the go. Keep a few in your purse, backpack, or at the office. The effervescing mix is formulated with Lemon and Lime essential oils, organic lemon powder, and biochemical mineral cell salts to create a crisp and soothing beverage that’s gentle on stomachs. Simply empty a packet into 4–6 ounces of cool, pure water, then stir and enjoy.

Absorbed easily and quickly by the body
Effervescent formula starts working right away to soothe the occasional upset stomach
Gentle on the stomach
Helps maintain optimal pH in the stomach
Free of artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and formulated with nine biochemical mineral cell salts, the refreshing taste of Lemon and Lime essential oils, and organic lemon powder
Comes in convenient, single-serve stick packs

$29.75/29.75PV | Item #3055

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