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10 things essential oil users do differently

You’re different, unique, and special as can be! Why? Because you do things differently. First, you see Mother Nature’s finest, aka essential oils, as the solution for living your best life. Second, you manage to excel at beauty, cleaning, parenting, and self-care—all while keeping your cool. And third, you have a true passion for purity and want to share it with others.

Looking for specifics on why we think you’re so special? Read on, exceptional essential oilers!

You keep a toxin-free space

Toxins? Nasty paraffins? Harsh preservatives? No, thank you! You know better than to let your lungs fill with toxic chemicals. You keep a toxin-free space using essential oils as air fresheners that make your house feel like a home. You’ve nailed a lifestyle free of harsh chemicals; make sure that’s how you clear the air too!

You should try:
  • Diffusing Purification® to eliminate odors

  • Mixing Thieves® and Orange for fall scents

  • Combining Joy™ and Lemon for sunshiney smells

You pamper yourself on the reg

Calling all self-care, treat-yourself fans. Oh, wait—that’s you! As a wellness guru, you make pampering a high priority, even—and especially—when life gets crazy, because you love its calming effect. You’ve got the hang of finding a few minutes to yourself, but is your home as revitalizing as a spa?

You should try:
  • Adding 5-8 drops of Copaiba to your bath

  • Giving yourself a tingly foot rub with a foot cream and Eucalyptus Radiata

  • Making self-care a Sunday staple

You moisturize like a pro

Hey, glow getter! You really know how to keep your skin smooth and supple! Thanks to complexion-quenching essential oils like Blue Cypress and Cedarwood, you’re more radiant than ever! Plus, you’re a master of choosing which oils you need when your skin is dry, oily, or just going through a rough patch. We know you’re a silky-skin expert, but are you ready to hit genius-status?

You should try:
  • Adding essential oils to your lotion

  • Making DIY face masks

  • Creating your own DIY lotion

You stick to a bedtime routine

Studies have shown that 7-9 hours is the ideal amount for a dreamy night’s sleep. As a health nut, hopefully you’re getting that amount. That’s why your bedtime routine is a well-oiled machine—literally. You know that essential oils like Valerian and Vetiver assist in setting up your bedroom atmosphere for deep slumbers, but do you know other essential oil favorites that make for a great night’s rest?

You should try:
  • Diffusing Bergamot and Tangerine before your head hits the pillow

  • Putting Lavender on the bottoms of your feet

  • Beating the bedtime blahs

You clean with next-level ingredients

Do you fill your home with hazardous chemicals? *gasp* Of course you don’t! You use highly concentrated essential oils to turn your home from stinky to sparkly. You’re also confident that using plant-based formulas gets you a buzz-worthy home without any cleaning compromises. But do you know every cleaning trick in the book?

You should try:
  • Using Thieves on every cleaning day

  • DIYing your own cleaning products

  • Tackling all the dirtiest spots in your house

You beat breakouts

With Geranium, Lavender, and Manuka in your arsenal, just about everyone is jealous of your radiant skin. You know that certain essential oils help reduce the appearance of blemishes and keep your skin hydrated. You left dull, blemish-prone skin behind a long time ago, but do you know which other oils should be in your vanity cabinet?

You should try:
  • Dabbing Tea Tree on with a cotton swab for a spot treatment

  • Using our over-the-counter Maximum Strength Acne Treatment

  • Harnessing the cleansing power of oils

You have beach goddess hair

Making your hair as shiny and moisturized as possible is a no-brainer. Your hair has even reached mermaid status. And just like those beach goddesses, you wear your hair like a queen! In addition to your tried-and-true hair tricks like using Cedarwood and Clary Sage, are you interested in some new ones?

You should try:
  • Rubbing Ylang Ylang and Rosemary into your scalp

  • Spritzing your locks with a mermaid hair spray

  • Infusing your hair with simple DIYs

You give magnificent massages

You may not be a massage therapist, but you know that using essential oils is a surefire way to give an unforgettable massage. Maybe you soothed a workout buddy’s sore muscles with Peppermint and PanAway® or made your friends feel like they were getting a resort-worthy massage with Eucalyptus oils. You can moonlight as a massage therapist, but do you want to add a few more skills to your trade?

You should try:
  • Creating your own massage oils with V-6™ and essential oils

  • Taking Deep Relief™ Roll-On everywhere you go

  • Using the best of the best

You reach parent-of-the-year status

Like all true believers, you share the benefits of essential oils with everyone—especially your family! Since essential oils are made from pure plant products, they’re a great resource for your kids. You know they love KidScents®, but what other ways can EOs help their lives?

You should try:
  • Learning how to properly dilute oils for kids

  • Using Seedlings® Baby Wipes on your cute crawlers

  • Giving your kiddos daily vitamins

You know how to stay Zen

As an essential oil aficionado, staying chill is part of your vibe. Instead of flying off the handle, you reach for your favorite scents to keep you grounded and calm. And truthfully, it doesn’t matter which one you grab: Grapefruitto perk you up or Peace & Calming® to bring you back down. Want to take your peace of mind to true serenity?

You should try:
  • Breathing in Frankincense, the king of true calm

  • Using Stress Away™ Roll-On anytime, anywhere

  • Taking our pet peeve quiz and finding your Zen blend

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