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Back to basics with the ABCs of essential oils!

Want to know a secret to remembering some essential oil favorites? Recite your ABCs!

Fall in love with essential oils from A to Z and find out why they made our list! You many know that P is for Peppermint and L is for Lavender, but can you guess which oils start with X or K? Find out here!

A is for Abundance essential oil blend

Live life with an abundance of health, happiness, and, of course, Abundance™ essential oil blend! Diffuse Abundance all day long and take in the sweet and spicy goodness!

B is for Basil essential oil

Banish stressful moments during busy days. Simply dilute Basil with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply to neck and temples, then breathe in the calming aroma.

C is for Cedarwood essential oil

Say yes to self-care with Cedarwood! Infuse your conditioner with a couple drops of this sweet oil for extra moisture!

D is for DiGize essential oil blend

Calm your cranky muscles with DiGize®. Massage a couple drops of this soothing oil on sore joints after your heavy workout!

E is for En-R-Gee essential oil blend

Refresh your carpets with En-R-Gee™’s herbaceous, invigorating scent! Mix 5 drops with 1 cup of baking soda and sprinkle over the carpet. Let it sit overnight, then vacuum the excess.

F is for Frankincense essential oil

Find your center with Frankincense. Diffuse this oil’s powerful, grounding aroma during spiritual practice, prayer, meditation, or yoga!

G is for Gentle Baby essential oil blend

Face the day with a youthful complexion. Dilute Gentle Baby™’s blend of sweet, floral oils with coconut oil and massage it on your skin.

H is for Helichrysum essential oil

Glow up morning and night! Add a drop of Helichrysum to your moisturizer for a sugary yet earthy scent and absorb benefits that reduce uneven skin and promote uplifting features.

I is for Inspiration essential oil blend

Invite positive vibes! Apply a couple drops of Inspiration™ to your chest and inhale to uplift your spirits!

J is for Joy essential oil blend

Journey through “me time” with Joy™! Finesse a luxurious bath by adding a few drops of this fun, floral-scented oil!

K is for Kunzea essential oil

Take out trashy odors with Kunzea! Add a few drops of this oil to a cotton ball and stash it in the garbage can for a woodsy, spicy aroma.

L is for Lavender essential oil

Dream sweetly with Lavender! Put three drops on a tissue, tuck it inside your pillowcase, and breathe in the calming scent as you drift off to sleep.

M is for M-Grain essential oil blend

Stay relaxed with M-Grain™. Apply topically to the base of the neck, forehead, shoulders, and temples for a cooling sensation.

N is for Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil

Create cabin vibes in your home with Northern Lights Black Spruce. Diffuse this forest-scented oil while you’re playing board games with the family!

O is for Oregano essential oil

Relax with a total-body refresh! With Oregano, you can utilize Young Living’s unique Raindrop Technique® for a blissful massage!

P is for Peppermint essential oil

Stay peppy through the afternoon slump! Bust out your bottle of Peppermint and simply open to breathe in the bright, energizing aroma.

Q is for Melaleuca Quinquenervia essential oil—it counts, okay?

Cue a dewier look! Dilute Melaleuca Quinquenervia with V-6 and apply to skin for similar results to what Tea Tree offers—and that’s saying a lot!

R is for Rosemary essential oil

Let down your luscious locks! Add Rosemary to your shampoo for healthier, shinier hair!

S is for Stress Away essential oil blend

Spend the day on cloud nine! Add Stress Away™ to your bath and soak away your worries with this sweet, relaxing oil.

T is for Tea Tree essential oil

Clear the impurities. Simply add a drop of Tea Tree to your facial moisturizer and apply each night for cleaner skin.

U is for (E)ucalyptus Globulus

Clear the air in an enclosed space. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Globulus to your car diffuser and let its sharp, clean, and fresh aroma cut through stale odors.

V is for Vetiver essential oil

Tap into Vetiver during chaotic moments. Diffuse this exotic, earthy oil with Lavender and unwind as your head hits the pillow.

W is for Wintergreen essential oil

Call on your workout superhero for support! Add Wintergreen’s potent powers to your massage oil and ease your tired muscles with its icy sensation.

X is for Xiang Mao essential oil

Help yourself to hydration your skin will love! Add two drops of Xiang Mao to your skin and soak up its moisturizing properties.

Y is for Ylang Ylang essential oil

Create a romantic hair treatment with Ylang Ylang! Mix 2 drops with coconut oil and apply throughout your hair for a sweet, floral fragrance.

Z is for Ginger

Fun fact: Ginger’s Latin genus name is Zingiber! Mix up your daily home fragrance and diffuse ginger to warm and uplift the mood!


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