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Your week needs these essential oils

Whether you’re pushing through the Monday blues or brimming with glee on Friday Eve (aka Thursday), embrace every day surrounded by one of nature’s greatest luxuries—essential oils! We’ve got an oil for each day of the week, so you can start each morning on the right side of the day, Monday through Sunday!

Monday: Motivation

Begin each week with your friendly coach, Motivation™ essential oil blend. When wistful thoughts of weekend fun linger, remember that this is the time for a fresh start and new opportunity to get after your goals! Stay motivated at home, work, or wherever you may be with the empowering aroma of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and others oils that inspire feelings of action!

Tuesday: Envision

There’s more to the second day of the week than tacos. Use Tuesday to visualize yourself thriving and reaching for success with Envision™ essential oil blend. Diffuse this resourceful blend to spark feelings of creativity even during the midday slump!

Wednesday: Acceptance and Surrender

Wednesday can be tough, which is why two essential oils are better than one—and Wednesdays are better with Acceptance™ and Surrender™ essential oil blends! Accept the hump-day challenges—and the fact that you are capable of facing them head on—with Acceptance essential oil blend, an encouraging blend that can promote self-worth. After completing your daily tasks, surrender to what the rest of the week will bring your way. Quiet the negativity and believe in your unlimited potential as the aroma of Surrender essential oil blend floats throughout the room.

Thursday: En-R-Gee

Thursdays bring vibrant energy because the weekend is right around the corner. But if you need an extra-invigorating boost to power through your day, En-R-Gee™’s got your back! Diffuse this fresh, herbaceous blend for its stimulating scent!

Friday: Joy

It’s Fri-YAY—a day to celebrate the hard work you’ve put in and spread your joy to others! Keep the pleasant vibes flowing and diffuse Joy™ essential oil blend around your home or office for its warm, inviting aroma.

Saturday: Gathering

Has the chaotic energy of the week lingered over to Saturday? Get together with friends and family as you diffuse Gathering™ essential oil blend, featuring Young Living favorites like calming Lavender and floral Rose. Maybe you’d prefer to gather a book and some comfy clothes for a relaxing day in. Pair that pleasant activity with Gathering to keep you on the path for higher achievement.

Sunday: Peace & Calming

End your weekend with Peace & Calming® essential oil blend, because you deserve it! Enjoy the sweet, calming blend once the kids are settled in for the day and find a peaceful time to prepare for the new week ahead!

Need an everyday go-to oil?

We recommend Stress Away™ because it promotes relaxation and can calm a restless mind. Plus, the sweet citrus and floral notes work harmoniously for a pleasant aroma that complements any day!

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