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Anyone else looking for more zest in their life? Literally? Here is your answer! Buddha’s Hand!🤚It will give you as much zest as you need, and then some--think good fortune, an awakened spirit, and a really weird looking fruit in your kitchen...🤪✨ . But I know some of you are still like wait for reals what is it?! So here is more about this crazy fruit ➵ This fruit is commonly found in China or Northern parts of India. Buddha's Hand citron is a tree citrus with a deep lemon yellow color when mature. This fruit is made up of long finger like sections that all grow from the same base giving the illusion of a multi-fingered hand. . Buddha's Hand citron features an oily rind with a fragrant sweet lemon scent. Its has no juice, pulp, and seeds, and is inedible in its raw form. Buddha's Hand citron is commonly utilized for its zest and has a flavor that is described as a blend of bitter and sweet acidity, similar to kumquats, with lavender undertones. The fruit is often candied, dried or canned and used to complete all manner of sweet and savoury dishes. . So next time you walk by the fascinating + weird looking fruit section..grab some! These took my #glutenfree lemon bars to another level. Just sayin’ 💛

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