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Northern Lights are a mystery to some extent, but, the fantastic light show is present and more visible during certain seasons. Energized particles that cause the aurora stream towards earth, hit the edge of the planet's magnetic "force field", the magnetosphere. The force field guides solar particles towards the poles (in this instance, north) where they slam into the Earth's atmosphere and emit light. It's a fascinating and energizing phenomenon that these trees from the Northern Lights Black Spruce farm are literally bathed in year after year as they grown. Young Living's unique process distills the ENTIRE tree to capture its complete essence of this strength and energy. The emotional benefits of Northern Lights Black Spruce (NLBS) are confidence, balance, calmness, focus, and rootedness. It's a key ingredient in many of YL's blends and it's deeply grounding with a rich, woodsy scent. (HELLO, MY LOVE VALOR). Here’s what Gary Young had to say at the Fort Nelson Farm Opening: "I believe the Northern Lights adds naturally to the frequency of the oil. It empowers it. And, I think that's one of the reasons why when you use the black spruce oil you feel an immediate connection to it. You feel a harmony. You feel a peace. You feel an empowerment. And it's because of that frequency that's so special. Every tree, every plant has its uniqueness, it has its own specific characteristics and personality. It's just like every one of you in this group. There's no two of you the same. But, you're all different - you're all individual, so everybody needs a [different] oil... There's a lot to be discovered. There's so much more that we'll learn each day, that I know nothing about today. And that's what I love so much about life. Everyday we can learn something new. Everyday we can do something that's going to empower somebody, improve someone's life, and make a difference and make a change."

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