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Nothing says holidays like PEPPERMINT. Right?!🎄🍥 Peppermint mochas, hot cocoa, brownies, body scrubs, lip balms, you name it. We all need peppermint in our lives.😍 One of my favorites during the holidays is Peppermint Mochas..I could have them EVERYDAY! But what I don’t need is sugar filled syrups!😬 So I just skip the syrup and add 1-2 drops of my Peppermint oil. Or you can even get fancy and make your own syrup. Easy Peasy. 🌱Other uses for Peppermint : + Cools fatigued muscles after physical activity + Relieves joint and muscle pain associated with strains, sprains, and rheumatoid arthritis + Produces a focused environment when diffused + Acts as a carminative and antispasmodic for digestive discomfort ... it calms that upset tummy + Promotes feelings of calm and fights occasional nervous tension + Reduces the symptoms of cough and cold when inhaled + Creates an invigorating and refreshing experience when inhaled Want to fall EXTRA in love with it—> • Diffuse it with Christmas Spirit or Northern Lights Black Spruce🎅🏻 • Make a candy cane room spray using peppermint + stress away🌱

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