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Celery Seed Oil...We talked about celery juice, now let’s chat about the oil! It is distilled from the dried seeds themselves. . Wow. Did you know… Celery Seed oil (like Lemon essential oil) is about 65% d-Limonene. Go research all the benefits-there are a lot.🌱 . +Celery Seed (or blends like JuvaCleanse) help support the liver and kidneys…. really great support! +It also supports physical discomforts, and is great for joints! +Nice for weight management efforts too as it can help increase metabolism. Great digestive support as well. + Celery Seed Vitality is great for pickling and brines but can add a great taste of depth to any coleslaw, salad, dressings, or seasonings for poultry. +Powerful insect repellant!🦂Bet you wouldn’t have thought to use this. +Apply directly to vita flex points for targeted support. +Add a few drops to a capsule or mix a few drops with a carrier oil and rub it on topically over your area of concern. Now who is considering giving it a try??🤔

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