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Here’s a testimony from one of my oily friends: “Creating a space to house most of my essential oils and Young Living goodies has been so important for our family.

Our oily station is located in the main living area of our home, and operates as a command center, or hub of sorts, where we stop countless times a day for support with all.of.the.things from boo boos to head tension, digestion, emotions, relaxation, immunity support -- and more.

I find if your oils are out, where you can see them and easily reach for them, you will use them more. So much of the power in essential oils centers around using them proactively, rather than reactively, which strays a bit from what our western brains are trained to think. The more frequently that you use your oils, the more you’ll experience their benefits!

A few tips for creating an oily station of your own:

+ Find a wall, or shelf or nook in your main living area where you can display your oils! Out of sight, out of mind – so best to set your oils up where you do most of your living.

+ Keep a basket, drawer or container with the following right next to your oils: empty rollers, empty spray bottles, witch hazel, carrier oil (v-6 or fractionated coconut oil to name my two favorites). If all of that is right within reach of your oils, you’ll be more inclined to make rollers and sprays and get using and sharing those oils!

+ Keep inventory/ a blank sheet of paper nearby. I mark down what I am running low on and wish list items here, for when it comes time to place my monthly order(s)!

+ Think outside of the box using things you might already have! I used a cake stand for my diffuser, a jewelry dish for my empty rollers, a lipstick holder for my favorite go-to rollers – get creative and have fun!

+ Keep a carafe of water handy! Rather than carry my diffusers to the sink several times a day, I fill up a carafe of water to fill all of my diffusers up at the same time.

+ Last tip – don’t forget to make mini stations! I have our main hub, if you will, but I also have smaller stashes of my oils in the rooms that we use them most – like on my nightstand, in our bathroom and in my son’s nursery. Anything to keep us using our oils proactively, consistent use has made such a HUGE difference for my family!”

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