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From corporate, on Gary's birthday...

"Happy International Essential Oils Day!

We’re celebrating all-the-live-long-day to honor the birthday of the true pioneer of essential oils, Gary Young.

The Young Living foundation will receive 5% of all global sales today, up to $250,000 which will benefit the roots of the foundation- the Young Living Academy in Ecuador.

While living in Ecuador to cultivate natural essential oils, Young Living Founder D. Gary Young noticed several children entering a run-down building in the small, rural town of Chongon. He passed the building nearly every day on the road to the Young Living Farm. One day, he decided to take a look for himself. Inside he saw 42 first through sixth-grade students crammed into one tiny room, forced to share limited supplies and sitting at broken tables while their volunteer teacher gave lessons on a damaged chalkboard.

It was unlike anything he had ever seen. How could these children learn, grow, and thrive in these conditions? They deserved better. Much better.

Gary & his wife went to work to give the children of Chongon the best schooling possible. It started with building a new, advanced school from the ground up. In 2009 the Young Living Academy opened its doors to 83 students. Word got out quickly and more students with dreams to succeed pleaded to join the academy. There was no way we could turn them away.

The Young Living Academy continues to grow & now educates nearly 340 students.

Most children in Ecuador drop out by the 8th grade. The Young Living Academy has a 97 percent attendance rate, and our high school students are on the road to college.

Together, we empower children in their unique capacity to change the world.”

You can find out more on the foundation here: younglivingfoundation.org #InternationialEOday"🌱

**for Gary’s birthday and #IEOD ANY orders placed today will be entered to win a SURPRISE goodie bag! Anyone who joins our Orange Expressions team today I will donate $10 to the foundation!🙌🏼

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