• Sara Gillis | Young Living


Did you know you can dye Easter eggs without those coloured dye pills? You just need a few things from the fridge and pantry. General Instructions: Bring 1 quart water and 2 tablespoons white vinegar to boil. Lower heat and add dye material (see below). Simmer the ingredients for 30 minutes and then strain the colored water into a bowl. Allow the dyed water to cool and then bathe the eggs in it for at least 30 minutes. Leaving them in the solution longer will intensify the colour. Specific colour instructions for white eggs (if using brown eggs, these colors will come out a little different): Pink: 4 cups chopped beets Blue: 4 cups red chopped cabbage Yellow: 4 tablespoons turmeric Orange: 4 cups yellow onion skins Red: 4 cups of red onion skins Green: 4 cups of spinach Give it a try, your kids will love it!

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