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The Teacher Gift:

Teachers are some of my favorite people. They are selfless, kind, and instrumental in helping our kids as they grow and learn. So, every year I like to give little gifts to my kids’ teachers. Every once in a while, you and your kids will have that one teacher that has gone above and beyond to help your child out. Sometimes it’s okay to show them a little extra appreciation. 😉 Maybe you have a teacher or mentor in your own life that has taught you so much in life or your business, these gifts would be great for them as well!

Below is a gift idea for your favorite teacher, and a set that you can use to give each of your kids’ teachers a little token of your appreciation. Have more teachers? You can mix and match these gift set ideas or buy multiple sets to make sure they all feel the love!

Favorite Teacher Gift - 52.25 PV - $62.50 - 1 USB Orb Diffuser - 1 Christmas Spirit

- 1 Citrus Fresh

Teachers Appreciation Set - 113.75 PV - $113.75

- 2 Thieves Spray 3-pack (6 total sprays)

- 2 Thieves Hand Purifier 3-pack (6 total purifiers)

- 1 box NingXia Nitro (14 total tubes)

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