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Hi, my name is Lily and I am addicted to Young living essential oils. It’s true. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that I’ve coined the phrase “there’s an oil for that!”. I carry a small stash of oils with me everywhere I go and I have an even bigger stash at home. Most people hear me talk about Young Living and immediately ask me to compare it to Doterra. After all, what are the differences? I don’t make a habit of speaking ill of any competitor (and you won’t find me doing it here) but since I used to be a

Doterra member myself, I find myself being able to answer these questions with grace and kindness. Today I am going to share a little of my oily journey with you and tell you why I ultimately chose Young Living.

I started using oils in high school after a friend of mine handed me a bottle of Doterra peppermint to try. I was skeptical but when once I tried it…I was hooked. Admittedly, I was a grocery store user for a few years (That’s an entirely other conversation we could have but, in essence, please don’t buy your oils from the grocery store!) but by my Freshman year of college, I’d become a Doterra member. I used Doterra faithfully for two years until I started chatting with a friend about oils and she mentioned using Young Living. After a TON of research and asking lots of questions, I made the decision to buy a Young Living starter kit in May of 2016 and I never looked back. So, why Young Living? Let’s chat…

Seed To Seal

Young Living has what’s called “Seed to Seal”. Seed to seal is a promise and guarantee to Young Living customers that their products are monitored literally from planting the seed to sealing the bottle. This means that all of our crops come from ethical sources, where farmers are paid well, and it also means that the actual process of planting, harvesting and distilling oils is more monitored than by any other company in the world. We test our oils before, during and after distillation, something no other company does. We also use testing that no other company does and send our oils out to be tested by third parties to ensure quality.

We not only ethically partner with farms across the world, but we are also the only essential oil company to own farms and distilleries ourselves. We own farms in the US but also farms in other countries, like France, to ensure our plants are always grown in their natural habitat where they thrive the best. I have personally visited a Young Living farm and distillery and I got to see Seed to Seal in action, you simply cannot visit the farms and distilleries of other companies. Knowing that my oils and products come from ethical and excellent sources is a game changer for me and the #1 reason why I chose to go with Young Living.

Seed to Seal in action:

  1. Young Living will deny batches of oils from vendors if they aren’t up to standard. This means they never sacrifice quality for profit.

  2. Young Living recently made headlines because WE found an issue in our system of obtaining Rosewood and Spikenard essential oils. (Rosewood and Spikenard are not sustainable oils). WE self-reported. WE spent millions of dollars internally to make sure that the issue would never happen again.

This is why our Seed to Seal Guarantee changed a bit over the summer to include standards and sustainability.

Other companies still continue to sell Rosewood and Spikenard; even though they are plants that are impossible to grow in a responsible, sustainable manner. But Young Living made the choice not to because we want to ensure that we take care of the Earth and the plants that we are using for our oils so they’re available for generations to come.

Mind blowing? Yeah, I know. I am so proud to be part of this company.

More single oils, more blends, more products

I mean, it’s really that simple. I wanted more and so I found a company that had more (with the highest quality possible). Young Living carries more single oils than Doterra, more blends than Doterra and more miscellaneous products than Doterra. If we’re talking strictly affordability, I like that the variety of Young Living blends means I don’t have to buy up oils individually to make the blend I need, I can just purchase the blend itself. This saves me so much money ya’ll. So much.

Also, can we talk about the amazing product lines YL has? Good because we’re going to. One of my favorites is the Thieves line. The Thieves line includes things like; household cleaner, foaming hand soap, toothpaste, laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, plus tons more. Other products I love? Supplements (we have so many to choose from!), the KidScents line, the Seedlings baby line (wipes, baby oil, diaper rash cream, ect..), a fitness line, a men’s line, oodles of personal care products (body wash, face scrub, skincare, ect…) and my latest obsession? Our Makeup! An entire line of toxin-free makeup that is stunning.

In our house, we’ve ditched products that are linked to things like cancer, infertility, and allergies and chosen to go with more natural products. The fact that I can buy all of those products with Young Living (and earn cash back through our rewards program…holla!) is a big blessing.

Take a Whiff.

When I was first thinking of switching from Doterra to Young Living, I did a sniff test. I sniffed DT’s peppermint and compared it to YL’s. The difference was mind boggling. YL’s smelled like the actual peppermint plant with earthy undertones and a crisp scent. DT’s smelled like a peppermint candy. Bottom line? Essential oils should smell like the plants they are distilled from. Period.

The FDA and product claims

In 2015 both Doterra and Young Living received letters from the FDA that stated we had been making claims that were not up to par with FDA regulations. Since essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, essential oil distributors cannot use language like “This cured, this prevented, or this treated”. We just can’t. It’s illegal. I was still an active Doterra member at this point and did I receive any education or reach out? No. Now, I know that some Young Living members are bad about this too but what I have found is that Young Living got ahead of the problem. Young Living began educating members on FDA compliance right away to prevent any further problems. I don’t like that I was left sustiable to legal problems simply because I wasn’t educated on compliance by Doterra, and I love that Young Living is committed to staying around for the long haul so they educate their members on how to stay compliant when talking about products.

Young Living also took it one step further. We actually have products that we can make claims about. No other essential oil company has these products and no other essential oil company is legally allowed to make these claims. We have an over-the-counter(OTC) pain cream, a diaper rash cream, a sunscreen, an insect repellent and cough drops (OTC). We also launched the Vitality line in response to FDA labeling regulations; which state that something cannot be labeled for internal and external use. Our Vitality line is our dietary line of oils labeled specifically for internal use, the same great oil just labeled in compliance with regulations. Their commitment to working hard so that we can make these claims and proving that natural products are valid is just another reason why I love Young Living.


My personal experience with Doterra was a lonely one and while that is probably not the case for most DT users, it was for me. My experience with Young Living has been incredible. We have wonderful groups that support both usage discussion and business growth. I’ve also met some of my good friends through Young Living and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I adore being a Happy Oiler and would not trade this team for anything. The support is unreal and I truly believe that a community of fellowship/leadership/love/support does not exist anywhere else.

I’d choose Young Living a thousand times over for the community alone, hands down.


So there you have it folks, my 5 reasons why I chose Young Living and never looked back. If you have any questions or concerns, please, feel free to contact us or visit our oils page for more information. I hope this has helped clear up some questions you may have. Ultimately, you have to choose a company that suits you and your family’s needs in the best way and no matter what company you choose, I wish you the best of luck in finding natural alternatives.


Lily Bel

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