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Today Gary Young presented on the chemistry of essential oils. It was an amazing presentation and it would be impossible to include over 2 hours worth of information in a short FB post, so I will try to include the highlights. In prior presentations he had given on the chemistry of essential oils, he was able to mention what each specific constituent (or chemical compound) of each oil could be used for. However, because of FDA guidelines and compliance, he cannot even mention any type of condition at all because he represents Young Living, and that would be implying that he could use an oil for a certain condition. However, what he says is: "They can't keep you from buying the books!" Arm yourself with knowledge and resources!! These often times can guide you well as you use essential oils. Some highlights for me in his presentation (besides a whole lot of chemistry and science, which I love!) is how he discussed the similarities between black spruce and frankincense. We all know what frankincense does for us; the interesting thing is that black spruce can work similarly. They are both high in chemical compounds called alpha pinenes. These help to open the pineal gland in the brain, opening the mind and protecting against negative thoughts. As Dr. Young states compliantly, "It does what I need". These oils can also help to empower any oil they're put with. For those dealing with grief, Gary Young recommends to apply Hope and Joy, rubbed on the chest and on the ears, and then add a drop of frankincense to the crown of your head. It can raise us above the wellness baseline when dealing with grief or increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels. It holds us to a higher level than our baseline (wellness). Negative thoughts will produce a negative chemical reaction in the body, and an essential oil can help to change this. For example, cortisol (our stress hormone, also known as the "death" hormone as it causes aging) is a reaction to a negative thought or circumstance. When we have negative thoughts, it is very important that we apply an oil high in alpha pinene, such as frankincense, black spruce, or any of the conifer oils. For those of you who love the blend Joy, did you know that its original name was "Love"? It was changed back in 1993. Gary Young shared a story of a woman back in the early 1990s who was diffusing Joy (then called Love) in her house, and her husband HATED the smell. He used to get angry and yell at her to turn it off. The woman came to Dr. Young and asked him what she could do, as her husband hated her oils. He advised her to diffuse like crazy the blend now called Joy all day long in her house. Then, before her husband came home from work, he advised her to open all the windows and air the house out so that he couldn't smell the essential oils. While the scent was gone, the higher FREQUENCY of the oils would remain throughout the house, in the woodwork, carpets, etc. He also advised her to sprinkle Joy on her husband's boxer shorts before he put them on and in his shoes, as he stated men would rarely sniff these things and thus he wouldn't notice the Joy was present there After a month or so, she reported no change. Gary Young encouraged her to keep going with it. Four months later, this woman called him up crying. Her husband had come home early from work while two diffusers full of Joy were going full blast. She was frozen in place, expecting an angry outburst. Instead, he sniffed the air and said, "I like this oil!! Why didn't you ever diffuse this one before?" Then he came over to her, hugged her, and told her he loved her, which was the first time he'd said that in over 20 years. So, the moral of the story is: keep oiling! You never know who will benefit from them next. (Or another moral would be: oils on boxer shorts never killed anyone) He also shared some of Mary Young's secrets (his wife). She has been using essential oils for over 23 years and has never diluted an oil with a carrier oil. She also uses essential oils daily to maintain healthy, glowing skin. She puts sandalwood essential oil on first as a foundation, and then will add patchouli, myrrh, frankincense, and vetiver. For a healthy skin glow and fewer wrinkles, try: Week one: Take rosewood and lavender and mix them with vetiver and apply to your skin daily. Week Two: Take rosewood and lavender and mix them with sandalwood and apply to your skin daily. Week Three: Take rosewood and lavender and mix them with myrrh and apply to your skin daily. After that: Take the oils from above and use the ones that you like best, continuing to use them daily. He states: "Aging is a fact of life, but getting old is not a requirement". It is possible to feel good, to have energy, and to age gracefully. It is nice when essential oils help us to look good, but being healthy is more important. We can buy the most expensive makeup and beauty products, but if we're sick inside, they can't help us much. But if we're healthy inside, this will show in how we look on the outside. Another tip: are you a single lady looking for love? He recommends using geranium essential oil. Geranium carries a gentle frequency, and men are attracted to it as well, where stronger floral scents are too intense. He recommends the following blend: 2 drops Shutran, 4 drops geranium, and 1 drop ylang ylang. Dr. Young recommends to play with making your own blends. You can't hurt anything! He says the worst thing that can happen is that you don't get the desired effect that you were looking for: but, you will likely get a different effect, one that you can use for something else. So, it's still a win! Finally, he recommends getting the book "The Phytochemical Dictionary - A Handbook of Bioactive Compounds from Plants" by Harborne, Baxter and Moss. The cheapest I could find this for was $745, so it may be one try to borrow from somewhere if possible. There was so, so much more information to share about this session, but I hope that you enjoyed these highlights. Thank you Alicia Dragic

Did you know that Young Living adds frequency, enzymes,and microbes in to the soil? It causes the roots of the plants to grow deeper in to the soil so that they are not receiving their nutrients from the eroded depleted top layers of soil, but from the nutrient dense soil down further! This is why our oils are so powerful! http://www.dgaryyoung.com/blog/2013/young-livings-agro-sustainable-farming/

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