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NINGXIA RED PREMIUM STARTER KIT Cost: $170 Value: $290 Whatcha get: ➕2 bottles of NingXia Red ➕30 single packets of NingXia Red

➕NingXia Nitro (energy shot+fitness booster) ➕5ml Stress Away ➕Cool box 'o samples ➕24% wholesale discount . . . Why you need it: The most delicious and nutritious antioxidant drink. You only need to drink one shot glass a day to get all the amazing benefits, like boosting energy levels and your immune system, supporting brain/joint/hormone health, detoxing the body, and curbing sugar cravings. 1oz of NingXia Red is equal to 10.85 lbs of spinach, 59 broccoli florets, or 814 blueberries. 😳 Whoa! My toddler calls this her "Ninja juice" and my husband always puts his packets in the freezer so they become slushy Popsicles. 😛 . . . Where can I get it? Message below to get started! 🍷 If you would rather kick some of your toxic household products to the curb, stay tuned for my next post!

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