Why Oils?

Breathe deeply. Our essential oils and oil blends take you on a sensory journey that can instantly soothe, enliven, or balance both body and mind.

From the sweet aroma of lavender to the stimulating fragrance of eucalyptus, our essential oils ignite your senses and enliven your body. Packed within these pure, botanical essences, you’ll discover rich therapeutic properties that cannot be found elsewhere. 


One drop of essential oil contains molecules so small they have the ability to enter every cell in your body and some are small enough they are able to cross the blood brain barrier. Essential oils are able to support our bodies on a cellular level thus elevating our overall health and wellness. These potent oils work on a profound cellular level by cleansing, oxygenating, and even regenerating cells. Truly, there is not body function or organ that can not be supported or regulated by the use of essential oils.


Get Started with a Premium Kit from Young Living

Customize your Premium Kit by selecting one of our diffusers and get huge savings on collections of our

popular products.

Premium Kit









Your Ningxia Stater Kit Includes

• Ningxia Red 2-pack

• 30 NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea)

• NingXia Nitro

• 5-ml Stress Away

• Aroma Glide Roller Fitment

• Thieves Household Cleaner 1-oz 

• 10 Sample Packets

• 10 Love it? Share it! Business Cards

• 10 Love it? Share it! Oil Bottles

• 2 NingXia Red 2-oz. Samples

• Product Guide and Price List

• Essential Oil Magazine

• Essential Edge

• Member Resources

Experience singular notes of pure bliss. These powerful essential oils, lovingly harvested from farm-grown plants and herbs, bring out the very best in you, each and every day.

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