My name is Lizbeth Orantes. I am a lover of Christ, oily enthusiast, proud wife to a US Marine, and mom to 3 amazing children! 


I began my oily journey two years ago and I have not looked back. Between myself, my husband, and my children we have battled psoriasis, asthma, eczema, anxiety disorder, and allergies (just to name a few)! We had used almost every medication offered for each of our conditions but to no avail. My children were constantly ill to the point that my husband and I decided I should be a stay at home (because apparently calling out of work on a weekly basis is frowned upon by most employers)! I was tired of living in the emergency room. I began making dietary gluten, no processed foods, no fast food, no fried foods, non gmo foods, nothing with dyes, no dairy...this was no easy feat, but the results were well worth it! Then I began looking in to our home care products and ditching medicine for more natural alternatives,but it can get exhausting trying to scour stores and the internet for all of these items. Enter Young Living! They do not only offer aromatherapy products but also everything I needed to keep my family living above the wellness line!

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