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Nothing says holidays like PEPPERMINT. Right?!🎄🍥
Peppermint mochas, hot cocoa, brownies, body scrubs, lip balms, you name it. We all need peppermint in our lives.😍

One of my favorites during the holidays is Peppermint Mochas..I could have them EVERYDAY! But what I...

I used to be a BIG Candle person especially around the holidays.🕯
But when my daughter Taylor was 1 she was diagnosed with asthma, so I got rid of them. Thank goodness I did. 
Did you know that burning a scented candle for one hour is equivalent to smoking one REAL ci...

Have you read the labels on the back of your commercial cleaners recently?! Flammable...Keep out of reach of children... Warning...I could keep going 🚫
It's scary to really look into what's right under our sink. What's worse is that indoor air is 5–7 times more poll...

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