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February 26, 2018

Fermented garlic honey...😷🍯Thanks to the allicin contained in garlic it is considered a natural antibiotic. Which makes it a powerful immune booster which has the ability to destroy all sorts of bugs. Then honey (raw) is antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic, antitoxic,...

February 26, 2018

So let's talk Olives & many health benefits in both and together it's perfect. My 4 & 10 year old LOVE @nuvo_olive_oil olives and it's helping keep them above the wellness line!🙌🏼
•Olives are bursting with rich phytonutrients! They work as a natural p...

February 26, 2018

When it comes to coughs I will always have a good honey and thyme on hand. I usually will do a respiratory tent and then make a good tea or cough syrup.🌿🍯⛺️😷
•Did you know that for centuries thyme has been used for many ailments, from influenza to epileptic seizures...

February 26, 2018

Who knows what these are? Another fun farmers market find...Jujube Dates!!
•I plan to make a tea with mine and was told you can reuse them 3 times for tea and then mush it on bread like apple butter! I'll keep you posted here is more info below ⬇️😍

•Jujube fruit can be...

February 15, 2018

The Flu season is upon us 😷 Many of my friends and family have been hit hard with the flu the past few weeks.


I heard about elderberry syrup about 7 years ago, and started researching the benefits:

*long history of medicinal use


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