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I am so excited about the new single serve Alkalime packets!

Research the benefits of balanced pH! The first line of defense against disease is a proper pH balance. Disease can only grow in an acidic body, which makes a condition favorable for th...

Transfer Buying
So you might be thinking "I don't have an extra $50-$100 extra to be spending every month" and I thought the same thing.

Then I realized how many incredible products Young Living has and how much of what I buy already (toothpaste, laundry soap, dish so...

Back to School tip! Omni Wipes container!!
All the back to school supplies lists ask for wipes of some kind.....this is what my girls teachers will be getting:
1 Omni Wipes Container
1 bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner
1 Mixed up spray bottle of Thieves Household cle...

The Teacher Gift:

Teachers are some of my favorite people. They are selfless, kind, and instrumental in helping our kids as they grow and learn. So, every year I like to give little gifts to my kids’ teachers. Every once in a while, you and your kids will have that one...

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