Jeannie Underwood

Hi! My name is Jeannie Underwood. I'm the wife of an amazing physical therapist who was once a reluctant, but is now a willing fellow oiler. I'm also blessed to be the mom of Bella, who is a student at the University of Oregon, and Levi, who is preschooler. I have taught middle school English for almost 20 years, and I love it. There is something so fascinating about the teenage brain, especially how it learns and how it processes emotions! I recently started on my journey to become a certified aromatherapist, and in my free time, I enjoy teaching classes about all the benefits that essential oils have to offer and how to use them. In the beginning, I got into oils to help with the emotional wellness of my kids. I'm happy to say that we have very successfully managed the symptoms of severe insomnia, anxiety, depression, and angst on our path to natural wellness. In our household, not only do we use oils to support healthy emotions, focus, and levels of stress; but also to make our own DIY beauty, hygiene, and cleaning products so as to lesson the toxic load that common everyday products put on our bodies. Outside of our home, I teach people how to get chemicals out of their houses and how to keep their families healthy and sane. Best. Job. Ever! I'm so excited to share more about all the great ways these life changing oils can be used, and I'd love to help you on your own journey to natural wellness!

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